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Category February 28 2017 March 1 2017
Shareholder or Spouse    1,750.00      1,850.00  
Shareholder Family    3,500.00      3,700.00  
( Plus $50.00 per junior golfer)        
Shareholder Restricted    1,585.00      1,685.00  
Shareholder 75+ Restricted    1,230.00      1,330.00  
Non Shareholder 75+ Restricted    1,470.00      1,570.00  
Non Shareholder Adult    2,275.00      2,375.00  
Non Shareholder Restricted    2,100.00      2,200.00  
Non Shareholder family    4,550.00      4,750.00  
( Plus $50.00 per junior golfer)        
Young Adult (30 and Under)    1,100.00      1,100.00  
Junior (13 - 18)      355.00        355.00  
Youth (12 & Under)      160.00        160.00  
5 Day Corp Season's Pass    9,000.00      9,000.00  
No play on Tuesdays        
Expires September 30        
Agreement to be signed        


Thank you for considering Lacombe Golf and Country Club as an investment in your leisure time for the future. Please find enclosed a brief description of the Club, its many amenities and services as well as a description of membership types and a fee schedule.


Situated conveniently between Edmonton and Calgary, the Lacombe Golf and Country Club is not only a great location, but one of the most challenging courses in the Central Alberta Region. We are a full service facility that can cater to any of your needs. Our professional staff has over 40 years experience in hosting golf related events ranging from 8 to 200 people. The Lacombe Golf and Country Club has a long and colourful history, forming in 1919 as a nine-hole sand green layout. The Club was incorporated in 1925 as a joint stock company. The course expanded to 18 holes in 1959, and throughout the late 1960’s all of the greens and tee boxes were rebuilt and converted to grass. Today the Lacombe Golf and country Club is a semi-private club, which enjoys an active membership and welcomes tournament and green fee play.


Shareholder: An individual registered with the club as a shareholder or an individual in the process of paying for a share under the installment process. This entitles the shareholder and spouse to play at the rates determined for a shareholder.

            No Restrictions

Shareholder/Non Shareholder Family: A membership grouping including spouse and children. Children defined as those not yet 19 years of age as of August 15th of the membership year (as defined in the AGA rules for juniors).

            Restrictions- Junior members cannot play before 2:00 pm on weekends & holidays.

Shareholder/Non Shareholder 75+ Restricted: A special rate extended to those shareholders that have reached their 75th birthday by January 1st of the membership year.

            Restrictions- Cannot play before 3:00pm on weekends & holidays.

Restricted: As it applies to either shareholder or non-shareholder.  This entitles the member to play Monday to Friday.

            Restrictions- Cannot play on weekends & holidays.

Non-Shareholder: a membership provided to those players not in possession of a share in the club.

            No Restrictions

YOUNG ADULT:A membership extended to those players who are not yet 31 years of age as of August 15th of the membership year.   Proof of age must be provided when applying for membership.

            No Restrictions

Junior: A membership provided to those players who are not yet 19 years of age as of August 15th of the membership year as outlined by the AGA. 

            Restrictions- Cannot play before 2:00 pm on weekends & holidays.  

YOUTH: A membership provided to those players who are not yet 13 years of age by August 15th of the membership year.

            Restrictions- Cannot play before 2:00 pm on weekends & holidays.

5 Day Corporate Seasons Pass: Corporate passholder receives one foursome including powercarts per day.

            Restrictions- No play on Tuesdays, Expires September 30, 2017


MEMBERSHIP SERVICES Members may book tee times seven (7) days in advance by calling the Pro Shop at 403-782-1200, or by booking on-line through from our website. Junior members may book tee times three (3) days in advance. Our professional staff is ready to help you with any of the following amenities: Club storage, lockers, accounts, lessons and clinics, pro shop, food and beverage, newsletters, website, golf merchandise and junior golf.

MEMBERS’ EVENTS & LEAGUES There are 11 members events held during the course of the season. These events are open to all members and many are open to the public. These events are structured by category for Ladies, Men, Seniors, Juniors and Mixed. League play is also very popular at the club and is structured the same way.

WHY BECOME A SHAREHOLDER? Shareholders at Lacombe Golf and Country Club enjoy all the benefits of membership at a very reasonable cost. The cost of a share is $2,000.00 and is payable over two years. That cost can be recovered quickly when you compare the membership fees for non-shareholders. Shareholders also have a say in the structure and operation of the Club.  Also, if you decide that you would like to sell your share, you are entiltled to $1,000.00 equity from the club.  Compare the rates, compare the facilities and compare the staff! Lacombe Golf and Country Club is great value for your dollar. Joining a golf club is an investment in your future and your leisure time.

We offer a lifestyle for you and your family for fun, friendship and of course, some great golf! For more information, please contact any of the following:

Kevin Broderson
General Manager
403-782-3951 x 4

Tye Friesen
Associate Professional
403-782-3951 x 5





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